PGpgp 1.7

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PGpgp offers encryption/decryption/signing of the messages (and files) using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
PGpgp can decrypt messages addressed to you and encrypt messages destined for another recipient. It allows sending and receiving encrypted e-mail, SMS, BBM etc. You may work with binary files too - encrypt and decrypt documents, images...
To use the PGpgp you must own the pair of your keys (public and private) and a public key of the recipient. The program stores the keys in its own space on the phone - other applications do not have access to them!
Available UI languages: English, German(Deutsch), French(française), Polish(polski)



Adding your own keys

Option "My keys" allows either import of the private key (eg. prepared on a computer using gpg or any other similar program) from the specified file or generation of a new key.
In order to generate a key, enter its name, a valid email address, a password to the key and strength of the key (512, 1024, 2048, 3072 or 4096 bits). As a result a pair of the keys is generated (the private one and the public one). The private key can be saved to a file using the Export option, and the public part can be shared with the others using the Send/Share option.

The list of public keys

To send an encrypted message to the recipient or to verify the signature of the message received from him, you need his public key.
Option "Key list" gives three possibilities: to save the key You may import it from the file stored on the device or paste the block of the public key from the content of the clipboard.
You may also look for the specific public key on the keyserver and download it (option: Download)

Encryption / signing

Encryption option encrypts the text typed or pasted from the clipboard. It is necessary to identify the public key of the recipient. If you want to sign a message, you need to have your own private key. If you have more than one private key, a list of choices will appear.
To encrypt a signed message you need to know the password of the private key.
After encrypting (this may take a moment) an encrypted message appears. You can copy it to the clipboard (in order to send it later to the recipient), export it to a file, send it by email or use the Send/Share option.
Encryption uses public key from: (default private key - from the settings screen) OR (private key - if only one exists) OR (private key used for signing), therefore user is able to decrypt the (outgoing) message prepared for the recipient
Using this option you may also just sign a message, without encryption.


Obtained encrypted block of the PGP message can be decrypted if you have a matching private key paired with the public key used for encryption. Encrypted message can be pasted from the clipboard or selected from the file.
To decrypt you need to know the password of the private key.
You can also try to check the sender's identity (if the message was signed and you have the public key of the sender). If the sender is confirmed, you may use option 'Reply To' (right menu) to send a reply with a quoted original message.
Decryption can take some time, depending on the strength of the key and the length of the message.
The result can be exported to a file or shared with others using Send/Share option.
Decryption result might be displayed as a plain text result or as a formated html content.


PGpgp might be invoked from the hub or file manager. The application is assigned for:

When the application will be invoked with one of these methods, the content of the mail/file/text will be parsed and one of the "destinations" will be proposed. When user select the destination, the found content will be set as a text for en/decryption or the private/public key will be imported. See 'Auto-action' parameter of Settings to avoid displaying pop-up with the list of destination screens.


PGpgp contains some general settings:



PGpgp uses: openpgpjs, openssl, openhkp-js and FIPS validated BlackBerry OS Cryptographic Kernel.

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